📢 Sounding Off With Ennea Ennea📢

Afternoons my Loves. I have A slight snafu. We all might have snafu’s and I’m saying a lot without saying what’s on my mind and I’m not going to speak on it any longer after this post because it’s damaging to my craft and spirit Im just gonna go for it because the Community of authors and writers are a force and if the inevitable happens there still are options which leave me hopeful so I’m pushing forward with WIPS as normal. Why not? my feelings are hurt though. ENOUGH OF THAT Back to Business.

Found a new way to have my coffee this week might be better for me. Don’t know.

Snail Mail Marketing Project I’m sending more Swag cards to 2 different locations. No one has reached out to me yet so I’m doing my follow ups. Hopefully patrons are enjoying the site. 🥰 I would love that.

Also if I didn’t post for a few days/weeks just so I can adjust my attitude and outlook on things maybe I’ll even comeback with an agent which I’m not ready for imma talk with a attorney first before I go prospecting for an agent. I’ve made such a fuss already about the Banning of books I’ve probably drew attention to myself. Sucks. It’s just all new to me.It’s horrible I just post site updates like the Showcase Lounge and Workshop and Prompts No Daily post I’m not Happy Today and it’s taking every ounce of me to communicate today. I love y’all dearly I just have to deal with this bomb that dropped on me somebody needs to make it make sense to me. Honestly. I’m not publishing for a longtime it gonna take some time to get through the series so I don’t want to go agent hunting just yet. But I will find someone to give me answers even if I ask someone at Smashwords or somewhere a free attorney somebody has some answers for me because I’m not understanding.

Well I’ll be back next week with Mondays Showcase Lounge and Possibly a Weekly Writers Workshop no daily post I’m cutting back some because I’m finding myself venting instead of posting something new and dope that’s the purpose of the daily post keeping it positive not venting. So I’ll be back Monday Have a beautiful blessed weekend and crank out some dope content in your WIPS. I’ll be around. TTYL🥰💜🧡💜🧡📢📢📢🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

📢Ninth/Ennea Ennea 📢

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