✨Evenings With Ennea Ennea✨

Today has been a little stressful so I took off from writing today. Maybe I should of worked on craft anyways I’m just not there today. 😭😢

Also Weekly Workshop is gonna have to wait till I come up with an Idea in which I’m figuring it out. Maybe Sara Cannon will be involved one of her fun videos. Maybe I’ll post her video on how to get the Dont Break The Chain. You actually have to sign up for her newsletter on http://heartbreathings.com sign up and get access to her writerly files Preptober coming she always have great info for us so I guess Weekly Writers Workshop is for y’all to signup to http://heartbreathings.com Sara Cannon is doper than a scope. Look over her writerly files she has Six months 4 Life and Don’t Break The Chain print outs that will get your life all the way together. She’s dope. I have a DIY I just talked about that’s great for showcasing what Sara Cannon is teaching. Dry Erase Boards from Dollar Tree get 6-8 of them or a whole case also get your different color markers get one of each color or a case of multi color markers. Give sets to your loved ones get the big dry eraser with the two markers get the case because they hard to find in the store. So is all the different color markers also the boards is hard to find Clear Box tape can hold the boards to the wall wrap the tape around your fingers sticky side out and stick tape on the four corners and it’s will be sturdy on the walls. Write your Six Months 4 Life entries up on your wall or your Don’t Break The Chain entries it’s good to see your goals it’s good to get a reminder of life and things. Make sure your okay with others reading your entries some of her questions can be personal but if it’s only you it doesn’t matter so put your boards up in a safe place or write in a Fancy private notebook your entries

🚨Write somewhere safe for your mental and physical🚨 Be Safe Always🚨

Well let me start my evening Bless All of you my loves.🥰❤️‍🩹🥰❤️‍🩹🥰❤️‍🩹 Join /Follow be a member to 🧑🏽‍🦳The North Omaha Writers Group/The N.O.W Group🧑🏽‍🦳Enjoy The Site/Pages. Love y’all 🥰❤️‍🩹

⭐️Make Today Count Don’t Count It Out⭐️

🧡Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🧡

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