💚🫒💆🏾Relaxing With Ennea Ennea💆🏾🫒💚

Good mornings Good afternoons today is Sunday Spa/Library Read -A – Thon day who am I gonna read today. I’m bout bad as my Grandmother I have enough books to build a shed mostly urban fiction, Romance, Paranormal, Erotica(The Queen Zane) my grandmother was a big Danielle Steele fan. She had her books and every Harlequin imaginable back then in magazines they had pull outs for book clubs and you can order from the printed catalog on the pullouts sometimes you may find these pull outs in your favorite magazine. I was apart of something similar for urban fictionAfrican American literature Black Expressions it think the one I was apart of . It was lit I built lots of my library of hardback books that way. Then my moms showed me http://thriftbooks.com Bomb they have Litty incentives . Also if your not too picky on what the titles of books you get as long as your interested in the genre you can buy different books in bulk on http://etsy.com I built my library that way as well. That was a fun way to get some of my book stash. Now they have online book subscriptions more sophisticated they give you candles different types of swag each month the subscription boxes. Now they are dope🤩🥰 I would join but I’m drowning in books now🙄📚📚📚 I need a She Shed Library

Read -A-Thon Sunday: I found a book to dive into from the Prolific Romance Queen Brenda Jackson called In Bed with Her Boss. Now if I can get pulled away from thy picture box as the old folk use to say I can go into a different realm.

Spa &Beauty At Ninths: I washed and conditioned thy hair and scalp. I refilled and used my olive oil Body Wash it reminds me of Ivory Soap and I love Ivory ivory soap old school you can use it a few different ways because it’s pure.We gonna see how this olive oil soap do me. It lathers up good and smells good can’t beat it for a buck and a quarter from Dollar Tree Also I have a body Sponge/ Scrubbie out of the Auto section microfiber tentacles scrubbie its a soft glove and it does the trick it lathers up soft soap perfectly dollar and a quarter can’t beat it only thing is they hard to find this is a Dollar Tree Hack

Well imma get started with Read-A-Thon Sundays y’all relax and enjoy this Sacred Day Love y’all TTYL💛💜💚🤓🤩🥰

💚🫒Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🫒💚

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