✨💛🐯Purrfection Or Ms. Information With Ennea Ennea 🐯💛✨- Dry Erase Board Sets-

Top of the Morning everyone🥰🤩🤓🌧️⛈️🌦️ it’s a bit wet today Stay Inside and design your Writers Wall . What’s a Writers Wall? It’s similar to Sara Cannons wall as she has for plotting out her Scenes. Imma need for you to go to Dollar Tree or http://dollartree.com search for blank dry erase boards 24 comes in a pack you can use them all or give them away as gifts to family/friends get the different color dry erase markers and also get the dry eraser and two markers

1. (24count) dry erase boards

2. Multi color pack/singles dry erase markers

3. Dry board eraser/2 markers

4. Clear Box Tape

⭐️You can get all of this at the Dollar Tree⭐️

Instructions on putting these up on your walls very easy: wrap the Tape sticky side out put it on the back side of the board Four corners make sure you know where your putting the board it’s gonna stick really good and be sturdy stick it to the wall and add more than one to get a poster board affect.

This is good for anything you may have going in your home. You may have a business and need to put up prices you charge for services. You may have teenagers, Husband/Wife and have to communicate with them if your not at home. You may want to put it up in the kitchen as to make grocery list or to write a recipe out the list goes on and on to how to use these boards. They are light weight but they will do the trick.

Yesterday I spent on crafting but it was DIY I spent the rest of the day Basking and Scrolling in which I need to curb like a pain in which it is in my backside. Foot 🦶 to tail I need to get on the track and move around. Atleast I got my boards up.

What are some of your solutions to sticking to the plan? Maybe I should give myself a reward. A BeerWine Cooler Kombucha Candy Food Time to Read a good book. Or just meeting your daily goals is enough . I need a yummy apple infront that I can snack on once I reach my destination . What about y’all? I want to know why it takes so much to get the ball rolling ? Especially doing something that’s a love of mines. Anxiety builds doing writerly things why? once I’m knee deep in the WIP it’s like getting sun kissed or wrapped in your favorite comforter warm all over a special hug you don’t want to let go.

Health & Beauty At Ninths:Today imma Try and work on craft I have some daily’s I want to get done like wash thy hair and moisturize thy scalp it’s itchy yet. The Products I use is for Natural hair no relaxer I don’t need it stripping my natural oils changing texture none of that type of business I may do it Sunday yet. Imma give myself a hot oil treatment weather is switching up

Menu At Ninths: fries and vegan nuggets veggies Possibly

Well 👑Kings&👑Queens get started on your Day Rain and All. Take it for what it’s Giving. Work on your Writers Wall if you can you can possibly go to the store and request a case of Dry erase Boards just get a case you’ll thank me later give your loved ones a set of boards and markers and eraser . Get the whole set of different color dry erase markers get the eraser and 2 markers and the Clear Box Tape your friends and family will think your Official🥰🤩🤓 TTYL Love Y’all💜☔️

🐯Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🐯

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