🤎🐫The Happenings On Hump Day🐫🤎

Mornings everyone. It’s pretty early5:50am. I’ve been up since 4 got up made coffee. Watching the news I might turn it off after while. Today I’ll post Prompts. At least I’ll try to post prompts. I’m not gonna lie I ain’t prepared today. And saying that I might bust out the best prompts you ever see. I feel that could happen. 🤩🥰🤓📋✍🏾

Menu At Ninths: I had Fastfood yesterday imma let y’all in on a little Secret just save your nickels and eat what y’all got from home. After while the ish all start tasting the same. Want something tasty start investing in quality seasonings.On YouTube I be seeing people use Dan-O Seasoning faithfully get you some of that and jazz your dishes up. Plus you’ll get a balanced meal you make/eat homemade dishes.

Working On WIPS: possibly working on a WIP today. Today imma read over what I have and try not to edit. Today Imma be Coming up with Weekly Prompts for y’all. I’ll Possibly come up with Snail Mail Locations

The Sandman Shenanigans: Imma try and work most the day. The Sandman will be fighting me hand and foot I just have to be strong.Yesterday was a success I worked on a WIP a couple Hours and I hit a pivotal point. I just have to dissect and add drama and chase to the plot. It’s getting interesting for sure. Yesterday I also napped. Imma try not to nap today. The Sandman and I gonna be boxing 🥊 if I get knocked out into a nap. I’m not going willingly.

Well let me get these Prompts up and running it took me a few hours to finish this post time just going too dog gone fast have a beautiful day be on the look out for prompts TTYL🥰🤩🤓🤎🐫

💌Ninth/Ennea Ennea 💌

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