✅📚Encouragements with Ennea Ennea 📚✅

Today is National Encouragement Day I’m full of kind words today. The updates are posted this should make y’all rejoice🤩🥰🤓🎉🥳 I’m rejoicing🤩🥰🤓.

The Sandman and I gonna be bangin I slept all night and then I slept all day woke up around 3:30pm what a wasted day. I did reach out to a member of N.O.W Group that counts as craft imma count it as that. I did get updates up and running and I updated the updates if that makes sense😁. Today I got no responses from any of the locations I’ve contacted for Snail Mail Marketing Project yesterday or weeks prior🥹. All I want is people to not put me in the SPAM category. In which I think that’s what’s happening😩🥹.

Sunday I worked on Sara Cannon’s Six Month’s 4 Life I updated it in which it wasn’t much to update so now my goals are updated that always feels good. Tonight while Im up up Imma updated my Sara Cannon’s Don’t Break The Chain I need structural guidance like I’m on a clock while Im working. If any of y’all know about the 2 fifteens and a thirty I need to give myself the business model structure each day. I can’t even imagine the content I’ll put out. And I Have no excuses. I need Foot 🦶 to A⭐️⭐️. Why do I have to feel this way and do myself like this Threatening myself to do something I love to do once I get into it. I guess that’s like any job. It’s pulling teeth the act of going but once you there and start turning the gears it’s not so bad most of the time. I hate to think about my love as a job. But something has to give on my Production/Content levels. I haven’t been Practicing Craft Timing myself working steadily over Hours at a time or really keeping a daily tally but that’s gonna change soon. I SAY THAT IS GONNA CHANGE. I’m worked up about it. Yelling At Thy self on the inside of me so something /everything wakes up to work on Craft. It’s Important to me so I must do what necessary to meet my writing goals. And yet Yelling never gets you anywhere and aggravate the H⭐️⭐️⭐️ out of me. Just continue to be Nice to yourself Love on yourself Because when your happy and in a positive headspace and cooperative headspace you get more done.so don’t yell at yourself like I just mentioned . The fact that I had to think about doing that shows that there’s a disconnect and I need to figure what that is. I have too many stories inside me to up and procrastinate and or quit and it’s gone on too long. That’s the spill That’s what needs to be worked on (A Routine) It’s Encouragement Day Heck I Need that myself today. But I give y’all what I have so y’all can move forward in y’all’s projects. I’m recharging as I speak. Thinking about my connections, my new friends my new members of the group got a new member Today Welcome to the family. Enjoy all of what the site has to offer🤩🥰🤓

Well I know imma be up awhile, maybe? Imma let y’all start your evening. TTYL Love Y’all 🥰🤩🤓

⭐️Making Today Count, Don’t Count It Out⭐️

Ninth/Ennea Ennea

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