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⭐️September 7,2022⭐️

Prospecting Your Agent & Doing Your Research


If your ready and or curious or just need support and have questions Look for you a Agent. My Grandmother told me once to get a agent. And at the time I was like I dont know if I could trust someone with my creations. But now I think a Agent is ideal. They push your product and support it to get paid from it. If your book dont make money they dont either. So they gonna push that thang for all it has to give. But it dont stop there you still have work to do. Keep doing your Snail Mail Marketing Project. Keep coming up with Marketing ideas to get the word out for your book. Your Agent only does so much. And they can get you in bookstores all over but some can get overlooked. Its our job to communicate with those bookstores and build relationships. They are the last ones to see and communicate with our fans and readers.

💌Snail Mail Marketing Project💌

The Snail Mail Marketing Project is Taking Every and any Bookstore/ or Library and Making them a Friend to you and your Brand. 

  1. Get you a PO Box
  2. Have some Platforms established. Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, your own Author Page Sites. 
  3. Make you some inexpensive swag that introduces you to a bookstore/ or library Patron (Business cards, bookmarks, etc…) 
  4. Purchase you a roll of postage stamps and some envelopes
  5. Go state by state, city by city and research all bookstores/ or library they may have in their City or State.
  6. Write them a nice letter introducing yourself letting them know your story and why you’ve contacted them.Ask them to Display your Swag and in return Showcase them on your platforms. 
  7. Add 10-12 Swag cards/ book marks in one envelope for the cost of one stamp to send off in the mail. 
  8. Go to the library/ bookstore website look for a contact us or a contact marketing. Email them the letter your trying to send and see if you get a okay response to send your swag. after while you dont hear from them you can try your luck by sending your letter and swag to them anyways. 
  9. Keep track of those that you have spoke too and made relationships with. you can possibly have the Bookstores / Libraries sell or push your book to the masses/ patrons

🐌Ninth/ Ennea Ennea🐌

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