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Im Back Heartbeatings 

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September 6, 2022  

Stay Inspired, Stay In The Mix

Stay Cool My Friends

Always Be Inspired


My Lovely Mama

Write a poem about the relationship You and your Moma shared. The Good and indifferent. Try not to vent but keep it all the way real and possibly abstract. Maybe Nature Driven could and would be interesting. Whatever you come up with keep it Dope.  

Keep it fresh and new. 

Be Creative

Use any Form. & As long as you want it.

Always Be Inspired 


Outside of the Solar System

Write a Story about Life outside the solar system that is Hyper advanced than us Earthlings. Come up with something brand new. What is the new Life called in the outskirts of outerspace maybe its more than one species thousands of worlds out there. Start a never ending series of this newfound Aliens Nations. Now you have a stash of go to WIPS you can work on. But just Vomit, Go Wild and Pump out some great Content. 

This can be any plot. 

This can be any genre

Always Be Inspired

* Ex. Sub Genre: Romance, Sweet Romance, Erotica, Horror, Sci-Fi, Historical, YA, Crime,Urban, Thriller, Paranormal, Mystery, Christian/Religious/Spiritual etc…

Screen Play(Screen Writing):

The Tribal Life Past/ Present/ Future

Write a script on Tribal Life. Keep it Historical. Go to some Museums and or Libraries to Research this Topic. At one point in the life of Human we were all indigenous. The beginnings of mankind. What would be a Dope story to come up with? This could be a movie for the family and or PG-13. What would be the structures of community in these Tribes? How far back in time do you want to venture into?

Always Be Inspired 

Here’s some Tools to help you out on your journey from Movie Outline.com: https://www.movieoutline.com/articles/a-glossary-of-screenwriting-terms-and-filmmaking-definitions.html

Non-Fiction (Memoir)

Zodiac/ Tarot Journals

Come up with Blank Zodiac Journals that has words of encoragement throughout Like having a daily tarot reading through out. This is something diffrent and fresh. Leave areas blank where people can write out their daily experiences for that day. 

Keep it Fresh and New.

Always Be Inspired 

The Ninth Poetess/Ennea Ennea

Always Be Inspired 

Stay Safe, Stay Cool & Keep Writing 

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