💜📚Early Early Mornings With Ennea Ennea📚💜

Top of the morning come on in, come on in leave the door open and grab refreshments I brought orange juice and Donuts🥰🤣🥹 😭you know I miss my meetups for the Group You also know your in for a long lecture if they done brought out the Orange Juice and Bakery Style Donuts. And you better hope you don’t get the bubble guts you’ll be trying to go home early because you know you gonna tear that bathroom up.😩😫🤣😂 It’s heartbreaking this Covid/Omicron/Monkey Pox ish truly stopped some Milestones. But these 2 platforms have blessed me so tough. Some of my all time favorite Authors knows what’s the North Omaha Writers Group is About. They know my brand The NinthPoetess /Ennea Ennea they know what I do an what I been through. And I find that extraordinary.

Today we have Writing Prompts so Wednesday may be Wednesday Writers Workshop I’ll try and make sure I post it on the archives and website the archives is a cluster of everything if you go to the Workshops page on the website you get it straight forward. No hunting through other post for what you want. That goes for the Prompts as well.

Menu At Ninth: a Cheesy Seafood Stew. Anything with Cheesy cream and potatoes gotta be good 😋 Recipe Already in my Cookbook.📒

Well imma hop on over and post the Writing Prompts so get Ready it will be up in a few winks. TTYL 🥰🤓🤩 Have A Beautiful Day I’ll be back in a few

🤎🐻Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🐻🤎

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