☀️⭐️Chopping it up With Ennea Ennea ⭐️☀️

Top of the day Kings👑&Queens 👑 I’ve posted Mondays Showcase Lounge I hope y’all enjoy. Tuesday Writing prompts gonna be fresh. Can’t wait to post them.

Early this morning I worked on a WIP and stopped in a great place to add compelling dialogue. For some reason I don’t like stopping after dialogue I work through to the next scene or next topic of conversation makes it easier to come up with ideas since I’m pantsing it kind of.

Imma work on 🐌Snail Mail Marketing Project 🐌because there are relationships out There waiting to be made. Imma have Fun wit it today🤩🥰🤓🐌💌📬

Imma Start my day before this holiday gets away from me it’s getting late in the day I love y’all and I Live for y’all bless our Day/Night 🙏🏽

❤️‍🩹TTYL my loves ❤️‍🩹🤍Always Be Inspired🤍

💌Ninth/Ennea Ennea 💌

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