🤩⭐️Nothing Can Keep Me Down This Weekend⭐️🤩

This is the Ninth Month I gotta have good times To all my Urban Fiction die hards guess who liked my Tweets on Twitter if you been reading Urban Fiction you know who this person is. Niobia Bryant Aka Meesha Mink knows about little ol me. I’ve Showcased her I think on Mondays Showcase Lounge that I’ll be bringing back next week on the holiday.which is Labor Day I’m spending that day in craft. She’s doper than a Scope she is Legendary in the Game and she Prolific and have plenty worlds to dive into. She has given me my Muse and has put gasoline in him to run on better yet maybe charged him up on electricity that’s better for the environment. I just found the fact she reached back out to me extraordinary. Little ol me. I’m a fan first then a Author. That’s how we all should be. Give homage to those before us that’s been killing the game for years. I’m telling y’all if you don’t know who she is please find out you’ll get a dope read in the process.

Today imma work on a WIP if I can get rid of my migraine It is still hovering. I want y’all to have the greatest afternoon. Bless y’all dayWork on y’all’s WIPS. TTYL 🥰🤓🤩

P.S.Its humbling to have such events as Known Authors /WritersTo talk like comment your platforms . If you can’t be approachable people be hesitant. I’m a people person hands on with people. I loved my meetups something I don’t think I’ll have again. The Platforms reach more people than I could Alone. And I’m Thankful for them and all our members. 🥰🤩🤓💛🙏🏽

💛🎊Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🎊💛

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