😫🥰Knowing when I had Enough and When To Mind My Business🥰😫

This may be the Reason Why I Don’t have hundreds/Thousands of followers. I take things too literally. Maybe I care too much. What’s the Harm in That? You may ask? Well I must of been Wrong And I Must of Pissed Someone off. And the way my heart works I ain’t sorry because in my lowest point and in my highest point in life I want someone to check in on me and my mental and emotional state that’s called being humble and I know I have to be this way. But I know now to mind my business. But to my Members/Followers you see me going down that Rabbit hole to Hell Come Get Me Please with kind words with supportive advice with love and care. Because I’ve been suicidal before. In and out of hospitals. I know a way of life that most don’t want to travel. Forget a Like at that Point Leave me a loving comment to snap me back into the reality that I’m wanted and that someone cared enough to reach out to me. I’ve been going through a change as you can see my Archived Post is down to nix to nothing deleting positive and negative post. Why did the positive post go? I got tired of reading through each one to be honest. They all had to go. But did they really? That’s the spill on that. And It’s crazy because it all happened around this new moon everybody talking about. Deleting the post did lift a heavy cloud. Some is still swirling around the web but I’m not gonna worry myself. We are all fragile even when we try to be strong and in a way I’m hurt. Because I need to adjust myself to be more humble than I am. And I’m a Pretty humble soul. I’m just happy this Person has their stuff together and no need to worry about them. At this point I’m trying to keep me afloat and above ground and out the water. Y’all may need to come check on me I know now what I need to do. Make my Writerly Post support those who support me and been rocking with Ninth. Keeping it a Vibe. Minding my business staying in my lane. I Love my 👑Kings& 👑Queens of N.O.W. Group Continue to Rock out with Us we all have things to do why not together. Keep checking in on Ninth y’all. I’m a fragile soul.

💚Ninth/Ennea Ennea 💚

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