August 26,2022. 💛📬Updates Are Up📬💛

📚Fantastic Fiction Finds📚

Author: Roy Glenn


New Releases: 

August 2022: 

About Her(Street Soldiers, Book 1)

December 2022:

Cold-Blooded(Mike Black Saga, Book 39)

Roy Glen is one of my favorites in Crime Fiction Get into All of his Worlds. They will leave you in Suspense Heaven. That’s a great place to be.( Inside one of Roy Glenn’s Worlds) As long as it’s on the pages and not in your life your okay. You can be thankful to the Heavens and read a creative Dope read that will keep you on the edge while you root for your favorite characters to survive the mean streets of Any Hood USA. Dive in he has plenty to get into.

💛Ninth/ Ennea Ennea💛

📙✍🏾Fridays Weekend Writers Workshop📙✍🏾

A Picture That’s Perfect For Novels,Comics&Screens

Take a picture of something Interesting or out of the Ordinary. Maybe even get on or any free image site and see whats out there that sparks your Muse. Maybe even watch a interesting movie and take a scene and make it your own in your WIP you’ve been working on. Dont be surprised if you change the genre of your WIP half way through it. Keep it jumping and thumping. The Wilder the better for Dialogue. 

👑Stay Inspired. Follow your Muse or Drag your Muse with you. 👑

💛Ninth/ Ennea Ennea💛

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