August 25,2022 📬💌🐌Snail Mail Marketing Project🐌💌📬

Evening Everyone 🥰🤩🤓💌? Yes Question Mark. I hate to be secretive But it ideal because I feel that covers me and keep boundaries and safety in place but I’m in Omaha, Nebraska. I’m letting it be known because I’m showcasing places who I’m sending swag too as a even barter. So it will be on a Page on the site for Bookstores and Libraries. I wish I could make it a harder mystery where I’m from. But the people who need to know will know( Booksellers,Libraries) They will have a way to contact me.There’s alot of Authors/Influencers that disclose city state from which they are from. Why go against the masses of people who are making it and is safe?

Menu At Ninths: I’ve had mashed potatoes garlic butter Pepper and Ranch It was tasty 😋 A grilled Turkey sandwich with Ranch I have yet to make. I’m hungry Right Now. Might have Ramen noodles to go with for soup. Don’t know yet.

Working On WIPS : researched today. wrote a letter for Half Price Books. They are friends of The N.O.W Group/North Omaha Writers Group . Tomorrow imma make the Page for the places I’m sending swag too. Here’s the list and hopefully I can find a website for them if not I’ll have something they have on the web about their business. Safety Is Key Continue to keep these locations Safe Places To Go Too.This message is for everyone. It’s a crazy world we live in Be Safe Always and keep others safe.Keep Herkind/Mankind Alive and Thriving Thank you 🙏🏽

Here’s The List: More info tomorrow

1.Half Price Books

2. Ralston Public Library

3. The Bookworm

4. Aframerican Bookstore

More info on these places tomorrow these are places I have cards in the mail. But if you see this post you don’t need the swag. You need to Join, Comment and Like Pretty Please and download the freebie for free from Apple, SmashWords, B&N etc…

Welp HeartBeatings ( because you make my heart beat) imma get to my dinner (A simple Sandwich) have a beautiful night if I don’t post in the Morning I’ll get back to y’all in the afternoon TTYL🥰🤩🤓🐌📬💌👑

💌Ninth/Ennea Ennea💌

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