August 21,2022 🐌📫Afternoons With Ennea Ennea: Snail Mail Marketing/Working On WIPS📫🐌

Merry Sunday everyone. Today I’m working on a day off but it’s needed. I’ve been off a day or so.I hope y’all been loving the content lately. Today is Grandiose. It’s lovely outside it’s Quiet unlike yesterday music and bass thumping sounded awful the music got on my last nerve it went into the night. But it’s a calm quiet day at Ennea Ennea’s today. Can’t even complain. I love it and I’m basking in it.

Snail Mail Marketing With Ennea Ennea /The Ninth Poetess:

Today I’m working on email letters asking places if I could send our swag cards. Some places imma just send them and not ask before hand. I’ll ask in the letter sent with the cards. My idea is make a card for each book published The cards are so Dope Top Notch Quality they could be collectibles. They’re different from a regular business card. Today I’m working on individual letters for each place imma take my time with it.

I think what I’m trying to do will shake things up a bit . Not everybody know about us.We will see what moves&shakes. I’m excited for the flood of traffic and new members of NOW Group🥰🤩🤓📫

No Tweets today I’m focused on Letters. I’ve Tweeted a lot and I guess they are engaging to my feed. I just haven’t had many likes We do have 60 followers/ members on Twitter I’m Happy it’s growing. 🤩🥰🤓I’m doing my best to tweet great content, I’m pretty much caught up with having similar content on both this site and Twitter I think. Give or take. Today just a busy day for me to tweet too. I might skip over there later tonight just to be consistent. But I would enjoy some hearts from the HeartBeatings. I would also enjoy a comment or two, I miss interactive content,

Welp Kings👑& Queens👑 get into this beautiful evening Be safe Be inspired Get Creative and start a new Journey/Plan all you gotta do is take that first step into postivity and passion don’t let nothing hold you back. Imma TTYL I’ll be Around🥰🤓

📫💌Ninth/Ennea Ennea 💌📫

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