August 5,2022 ⭐️⛽️TGIF With Ninth⛽️⭐️

Hello Hello Hello what a beautiful weeks end it’s Hotter than Hell but atleast the sun is out. Last night I got into Mena and had to rush reading it because I started to edit and I didn’t want to get into that yet. Not to toot my own horn but being for real about it. What I have so far I’m impressed with. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s dope🤩 and today like won’t be like none other because last night was eye opening. Yesterday I got my second series of Rabies Shots yeah I know RABIES and still and yet the D*** thing hasn’t shown itself if its one in the house. I just had a moment I thought it was on me (how horrifying Is that for one?) but I got a go to plan to know for sure.I have a secret weapon to bring it out if it’s in the the house. Let’s pray🙏🏽

What do y’all have planned for the weekend? Me? I plan on vamping my marketing of my brand. Basically coming up with some dope Author Business cards. Why? Because a nurse asked me what I was Up to these days and I wish I had business cards to give her to find the site and to know my Pen Names and I find that unprofessional that I wasn’t ready for that encounter. So that one of the things imma be up too. It’s gonna be fun🤩🤓 and imma get into some Content for The Makings of Mena

Just ate some Pineapple from the can why do it have to be so darn delicious I ate leftovers earlier and it was hittin. My aunt even had some ribs yesterday. And she’s basically vegan/Vegetarian . Ribs her weakness. I need a bigger Dutch oven I used foil this time to cook them in. Recipe in the Cookbook.

Medic At Ninths: I’m letting y’all know now I’m sore and itchy and on top of it all I’m praying I don’t have Monkey Pox. The itching has me anxiety filled. But Doctors are saying the shots are making me itch. I hope so because that’s all I need is another ailment.

Yard guy came and cut our grass Bless him it’s too Dag gone hot to be out there cutting.

Spa At Ninths: gave myself a hair mask I needed it my hair needed the moisture.

Welp if your Thanking God you made it to Friday like I am do something to treat yourself. A drink, a day off, time to work on Craft, Go to the library. My aunt was saying libraries across the nation is revamping its space. Let’s see what Omaha does to our libraries 🧐🤩

Welp imma TTYL I’ve been trying to finish this message all day and been narcoleptic today ( Allergy Pills)Bless y’all I’ll be around

⭐️⛽️Ninth /Ennea Ennea⛽️⭐️

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