August 3, 2022 ⭐️🌎🌍🌏Being Awesome With Ninth🌏🌍🌎⭐️

Bless all of y’all that’s rocking with me everyday these past couple days been rough rough. I’m sore down past the meat. I haven’t taken pain pills or nothing because the shots is enough on my liver and kidneys and heart. Those the primaries I’m worried about. I’ve had to make myself eat. I had a pack of noodles one Dollar Tree Veggie Egg Roll half cup of Pineapple Chunks do anyone else sprinkle Cinnamon on their pineapple? It’s delicious 😋

Tonight I’ll be up I’ve slept the day away it’s quiet and plus I’m listening for bats. I’m Anxiety filled. It’s hot as Hell still in the 90s so uncomfortable. My back is sore arms sore legs and foot it’s horrible.chest kind of hurts so the shots affecting my heart. It’s horrible why do we need animals like bats and ish some countries don’t even have bats why do we need em? The shots was traumatic and I’m still not done getting them. I had Two nurses one on each side giving me shots up and down my broken down body. I’m too old for ish like this.

I’m so nervous about even thinking one is in my residence and being exposed to a bat it’s unthinkable but like I said before it’s Wild-kingdom At Ninths 🙄😫🙏🏽.got me itchin like I have a condition. Just got up made coffee it’s in the midnight golden writing hours. Have y’all been to my Twitter today I posted earlier yesterday y’all haven’t missed anything I’m talking bout my Shots I got.

Working On WIPS: I’ll read over what I Have for Mena this morning and see if I’m capable of working on content tomorrow. The Sandman been nursing me back to health with the Arch Angels and Gods and gods and the Higher Ups Help and expertise. All is onboard. I’ve been procrastinating and sleeping even before me having to get these shots. what a waste. Camp Nanowrimo could have been EPIC. Instead I’ve been slow moving. I have to get to work 🙄🥱🤒🥰🤩🤓⛽️🛤 so I can move my caboose down the track just like Mena’s Train only that my destination is finishing the series🙄🤓.

Welp 👑Kings& 👑Queens imma lay here and wait till the Lights to cut on. I feel like some eggs Firecracker potatoes and Sausage bomb. It’s a Sunday Breakfast but who’s paying Attention I’m not.😋Just hungry get ready for this beautiful 🐫Hump Day🐫 stay cool Stay inspired I’ll be back later. Crank out Some Dope Content Imma do the same

⭐️🛤Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🛤⭐️

PS: Go to Twitter and check out my Page “The Ninth Poetess” and view the Writing Prompt I came up with. It’s dope. It’s in yesterday’s Tweets I’ve made- Enjoy-

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