August 1,2022 🤍💉The NinthPoetess Chronicles💉🤍

Good Evening Everyone I’ve had a rough day. I’ve had to go to Emergency Room today and I’ve had a series of many Rabies shots and a set of Tetnus shots and it’s a million more shots I still need to take I’m just praying my organs can take it. I would go into specifics on what I saw But I’m not messing with HIPPA. But what I Will say is why are people still smoking Tobacco or anything through this Pandemic.? People not smoking trip out because we feel if we can smell the smoke we already caught Covid. It stinks too people who don’t smoke have no escaping smokers especially at restaurants and hospitals airports gas stations it’s just nasty. Spreading Covid Omnicron Monkey Pox and Cancer in Cigarette Smoke. Everyone around dies first the one smoking out lives everybody what is f’ed up in Human Nature, Hell I don’t know.

Other stuff done happen at the ER today too but you can only imagine what could of happened there today. I can’t keep my eyes open another second yall imma see y’all tomorrow on y’all next WIP.

Imma TTYL not feeling good at all Pray for me🙏🏽💉🥱🦶🦇❌

🤍💉Ninth/ Ennea Ennea 💉🤍

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