July 31,2022 ❌🦇The Ninth Pietess Chronicle’s 🦇❌

Medic At Ninths:

Top of the morning at 11:00pm. It’s been scary at Ninths all I have to say is BATS ! And Gout! Which is It? Welp it’s probably not a bat but it could be. Don’t know. It’s dark in the house and it hasn’t came out flying around making itself known I’m nervous about it. Then with Gout Welp My foot hurts but it’s not as bad as it could be I’ve tried some home remedies till I can get in for a appointment both are pretty dangerous please pray 🙏🏽 for me Amen. I need to turn vegan/ Vegetarian all the way which I need to start Cold Turkey or Cold Cabbage if I can say that. I go back and forth I need to be serious. My grandmother had gout it messed with her feet something awful and my uncle has gout he told my aunt today he ain’t gonna stop eating meat though. I’m fragile/sensitive I can’t handle the pains. I would tell y’all what I’ve been taking but that’s not for this platform. I’m no Doctor but I’m making due till I get in to be seen. Bless It🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽❌🦇❌🦶 might have to go to Emergency Care my dr is booked out for Months but I feel she needs to make some time for me it’s ridiculous . Why Bats? My neighbor has issues with bats at their place and we had issue with bats several years ago it’s scary.

Working On WIPS: I apologize for not posting last day of Camp Nanowrimo. I’m going through Hell with my health hopefully I start feeling better soon once I see my doctor. I feel as if I could’ve been poisoned and I’m waiting on the antidote it all happened suddenly. Out the blue the pain in my foot started . Weird😫 and I’m so sleepy imma stay up till daylight though Bats come out at night and I want to see if the damn thing shows it’s self. So far I haven’t seen it

Me & my Aunt At Ninths: my aunt told me Friday about this TikToker that makes different kinds of TShirts so it may be some TShirts I Start making and selling in the future who knows. Don’t hold me to that. We Will see.

I want to start August off right with Craft but my health has me worried. I guess writing can wait till I’m in the clear. Selfcare comes first without that its nothing.

Menu At Ninths/Medic At Ninth: vegan nuggets and fries and mixed veggies earlier today I had one slice of cauliflower crusted pizza and it was so good and I had mixed veggies. I see it gonna be a whole lot of vegan alternatives in my future. Lots of potatoes sweet potatoes to Russets. I prefer potatoes over rice but I love rice noodles for Chinese dishes broccoli & teriyaki garlic sauce and veggie lo mein sound so good I probably make it at home if I had the right stuff to make it. I think I need sesame oil and sesame seeds. It’s hard getting Chinese without fried Asian wings or pot stickers dumplings. Or Asian chicken skewers. So good. 😋 all of that will make me sick 🤒 so broccoli it is. I knew better to be eating bad like I’ve been doing. I was on a thin line anyways but it’s easy to transition back to Vegetarian/Vegan Mediterranean lifestyle my aunt is all the way Vegan she motivates me a whole lot🥰👩🏾‍🍳. She made Vegan Beef Stew banged. I wish I could let go of sugar and salt too and also go raw but that’s hardcore and what’s left to eat🙄. I’m good with eating meat alternatives thankfully. I gotta get some medication to rid me of the Uric acid right now I’m treating it Naturally and it’s barely working, please pray for me 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🥰😫🤒🥰

It’s taken me 3 hours to finish this post I apologize again for not posting Saturday bless y’all be protected from Bats and eat healthy as you can each meal because Gout can fall upon anybody at anytime especially if your diet isn’t up to par bless you and ⭐️🦋Always Be Inspired 🦋⭐️

❌🦇Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🦇❌

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