July 30,2022 ⭐️🥱The Ninth Poetess Chronicles 🥱⭐️

Good morning and it 9:09 pm I’m rested and have brain fog. I hope all of you have had a (Good, Far Out)Saturday . I’ve been keeping my ear to the streets and there’s a few movies 🍿 🎥 I gotta see The Sandman, and Day Shift now day shift is a Horror Comedy with Jamie Fox and Snoop Dog so you now it’s gonna be hilarious. But this not the first horror film Snoop Dog has been in. He been in this horror film called Bones this movie is Scary As Hell watch it during the day if you want to check it out it will mess with your head. Honestly, it also has Pam Grier in it. It reminds you of those 70s-80s horror flicks horrifying. You can watch on YouTube, Google Play and Apple TV . Or see if you can find it at Wally World) Walmarts) Amazon) or Family Video Online if they have it in stock. I’m a movie buff and Family Video is where I get my flicks from. Go to a store if you can in your city you might find a Marco pizza next door. Pizza and a movie you can’t beat that that’s a Fire Friday Saturday Night for the masses. 🤩🥰🤓

They setting off fireworks 🎇 again don’t know if I should hit the floor again or not.😫🙄 then I hear hot rods racing near by it’s crazy what goes on in my neighborhood. I don’t know how they racing it’s a officer 👮‍♀️ that lives on The Blvd. where they racing. The police probably overseeing it making sure no one gets hurt. Who knows? That could be a great movie script or novel it’s been done before but with motorcycle Gangs (Biker Boyz) Lawrence Fishburne Lisa Bonet, Megan Good and I think Derek Luke And more… Good movie. Check all platforms mentioned in this post to watch.

I have been watching AuthorTubes and 20 minutes in I’m gone to the world( Snoring) I’m trying not to argue with the Sandman maybe he’s shielding me from something I don’t know. I’m up up like it’s 9am maybe it is somewhere in the world 🌎 🌍🌏 I’ve been writing this message for 2.5 hours imma let y’all go so y’all can enjoy your evening. Imma TTYL🥰🤩🤓💛

💛Always Be Inspired 💛

🛳⛽️Ninth/Ennea Ennea🛳⛽️

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