July 25,2022 🤍🧁The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s 🧁🤍

Greetings Family 🥰🤩🤓 I got locked out of my Twitter for a second I’m back in it now. Today got informed about a breach. It’s horrible. Ive been breached more than I can count I’m so freaking tired of it. I’ve done my best to clean my imprint off the net. Which is impossible but I’ve been trying my best. I had my mothers info erased from the net in hopes it would help erase my imprint. This has consumed my day and my nerves is bad and y’all know I have issues with Anxiety whoever been breaching these companies need to Pay. It’s more than a few emails phone numbers and passwords they stealing they are stealing piece of mind safety freedom to have privacy and my own perfect peace that all goes for the masses not only me. It makes my chest hurt. That’s Pain & Suffering and these platforms and businesses need to get to the bottom of it and go through the measures of keeping the masses safe.

Working On WIPS: Today was a Bad Day. I’ve had my eye balls on trying to keep my accounts safe. It’s horrible. Me having such a common name doesn’t help none. I want to change my name to Ennea if I did people would find ways to steal that as well. I’ll jump back into Craft very soon.

Menu At Ninths: Finally cooked me and my aunt some fried shrimp. Tomorrow Burger King Rodeo Whopper Fries Rootbeer I’ve been craving this for 5 weeks, and fruit. If I don’t get my Burger King tomorrow imma make some homemade Chinese food Homemade seafood lo mein to be exact I may make that anyways. Might have to use Spaghetti Noodles might have ran out of my Ramens. I ll WIP up something . . I wish I had some Asian fried wings and Dollar Tree veggie egg rolls to go with.

Welp dearest Family and Friends imma get on YouTube and change my mood because I’m still affected by the day yesterdayPissed me off is what it did. Imma TTYL have a beautiful night🥱

🧡🧁Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🧁🧡

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