July 22,2022 🌐The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🌐

Greetings Everyone 🤓🥰🤩 it’s been storming this morning lots of thunder and lightning it’s slowed down a lot thankfully. My precious aunt slept through it. I should have too but I’m up up 🆙🙄 I’ve been working on Mena a little. I kind of disappointed I started late then shut it down because of my yawns and heavy eyes Ive been to sleep I napped After I cleaned up around some then got up and made dip and chips it was satisfying too. I didn’t over eat either all veggies a little bit did the trick.

Now I’m up gonna watch AuthorTube I’ve gotten through alot of the Conference but I’ve been watching the same ones over and over. And then going to their pages checking them out. They all are dope. And to think I haven’t heard of majority of these presenters and influencers they all are for sure Dope

Welp I want y’all to have blessed day crank out dopeness on your WIP ⚠️ Make a Agent stop in his tracks and scoop you up. Would that be better than a meatloaf sandwich and potato Wedges? Imma let y’all get to sleep or wake up.TTYL Family🥰🤓🤩

🧡⛺️Ninth/Ennea Ennea ⛺️

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