July 21,2022 🧡⛺️⛓Camp Nanowrimo Chronicle’s ⛓⛺️🧡

Good morning Family🥰🤩🤓 Everyone family just join follow and like some pages and post. Give me a comment or two love to hear from y’all 🤓🥰🤩

Working On WIPS: Yesterday I finally worked on Mena. I’m not going to disclose anymore of the story I feel I’ve given more than enough but I’ll tell y’all this I’m on Fire and I’m trying to keep ablaze. Yesterday I wrote 2 pages which is the equivalent to one scene. 2-3 pages for me is one scene and I feel that’s too long . I’m trying not to rush through and I can do that but this is only the first draft I should just vomit what I have and fix things later. Main thing that’s holding me back is I’m trying to be perfect in the first draft and I’m working slowly because of that. 2-3 pages I do could’ve been 5-6 pages. I’m just trying to find what clicks . And writing everyday I’m supposed to write is the first thing I need to click. Yesterday was the first step forward. I wrote for about and hour and got2 pages down. It’s a start I’m guessing my pace will pick up the more I write. I’m thinking for too long on what I want the scenes to be. This may be my strategy and can’t be changed but imma keep trying. First I need to make writing (the Craft) a habit like watching TV. If I can switch watching tv for Craft Writing it would be a game changer.🤩🤓🥰 Imma keep working on it.🤓🥰🤩

Menu At Ninths: Right now I’m having my coffee. Later imma have Corn Chips Vegan Crumbles Dip Fruit I’m trying to eat healthy/vegan today.

Safety At Ninths : it’s been a quiet thankfully it’s been Wild Kingdom this morning The mighty owl 🦉 came back with the Shenanigans went out there and saw a birds nest on the ground and looked up Biggest D*** Owl I’ve ever seen and it was fat. I hurried up and got back inside before it plucked my eyeballs out my sockets. The songbird not out there this morning owl scares them off. Today I don’t know dang bird could’ve ate my songbird.

Cleaning With Ninth: Today I washed dishes Mopped cleaned bathroom took trash out I did this earlier today.

I’ve done a lot already and still not done with my dailys today. I need to get motivated and just do. I’m drinking my coffee fighting back a migraine not feeling the greatest. But that’s no excuse not to write today even if I write a sentence or two.

Welp let me start my day Family. Head is throbbing I need selfcare today. Such a beautiful day gonna get some sun and bask in the day. ☀️🕶 imma TTYL Family Enjoy this beautiful Day Stay Cool. Oh and I want to say support your local business because these old Staples are closing Landmarks places that’s been around 50-60 years. And it’s really sad. Places you was raised on and your relatives (mom aunts)raised on when they was kids it’s like losing a family member. And Staff at these places are like Family. You just hate to see them go. I just wanted to say something about that.TTYL🥰

Happy Writing Y’all 🤩🥰🤓

Don’t Break the Chain⛓ Like Sarra Cannon and keep plugging on them WIPS whatever that may be.

⛺️⛓Ninth/Ennea Ennea ⛓⛺️

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