July 20,2022 🥊💋The Ninth Poetess Chronicles💋🥊

Top of the morning Family 🥰🤓🤩 Everyone is family just join follow subscribe Love y’all 🥰. Now love is in the air but Wild Kingdom Outdoors don’t think so the cats and Raccoons out there cutting up waking up the Masses Speaking of Wild Kingdom Happy 🐫Hump Day🐫 I feel good and motivated today but I’m up off adrenaline maybe it takes me through till 4-5 pm I shuts it down at that time I want to work on so much today but mainly Mena Might even dive into Enaji-O and or start the second book The Dragon Gang: Dealings of Monster &The Big Man I need to focus on a strategy and right now I’m clueless truth is The O Chronicles Is Bigger than My Life I just need to get it out of me and I feel that way from all the Books/Series I have inside my brain. Got work to do today. Just thought starting my day off letting y’all know what’s on the agenda might put a little fire to my tire and get me going💨💨💨

I want y’all to have a Dope day. Stay cool it’s gonna be hotter than a frying pan 🍳🔥🥵 put bird food and water out for the songbirds and other critters you be surprised how thirsty the wildlife can get. Imma TTYL take care y’all stay cool

🐯Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🐯

PS got the fighting gloves and kiss up because the Devil and the Opps (The Sandman) I’m fighting and they can kiss my tail bone they serve no purpose in my life today or no other day.Bless It🙏🏽 🙏🏽🙏🏽. 👿🥊🥊❌🥱

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