July 19,2022 💛🦵Camp Nanowrimo Chronicles🦵💛

Greetings 🥰🤓🤩 we are all here again for another day(Hence: The Comet Didn’t Hit But in December it’s a different story🤯🙄🥹💫☀️)

I read somewhere I need to stop wishing and start working in so many words. Its a swift kick in my A-Hole. I need to work and that’s all it Boils down too. Put in the time and energy and creativity. Stop giving excuses and stop accepting the truth and change it. Because I can easily accept I don’t feel like working today and take that day off like today. And yesterday. And be okay with not working and being productive. And for me that unacceptable. Bless it.

I got the leg 🦵 up because it’s gonna take the whole leg to go up my tail to Bust down and Hustle. I really need to be ashamed of me.😳😭🥹🙄🙏🏽🦵🦵🦵

Tomorrow is GO TIME❣️❣️❣️❣️ it gotta be . Tonight imma watch some Dope influencers and get my Mojo back because I feel I’ve been under some bad juju. Who’s juju ing me? I wanna know?😜🤣😂😳 y’all need to send good vibes my way I’m still experiencing grieving from my grandmother and moms. Be Gentle with care with me.🥰💛🌼

Welp let me start my night. Yay For Another Day. Thats a dope Title. 🤩 look at me always on a hunt for a different WIP. I think that one is dope though. Imma start my night HeartBeats. Love Y’all y’all keep WIPPING it up. Whatever that may be TTYL ☯️💜

💛🦵Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🦵💛

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