July 18,2022 💫✨The Ninth Poetess Chronicles✨💫

Greetings. 🥰🤩🤓 Anybody watching the Comet? It’s Amazingly scary.😳😱🤯

I haven’t been doing much but cooking and cleaning today. What I cooked?

Menu At Ninths: I WIPPED up some Seafood Delight Creamy Cheesy Veggies and Seafood. A little something. A Saturday meal. Even had Garlic Texas Toast from Dollar Tree. Bomb.

Washed lots of freaking dishes But it therapeutic.

Been watching Sarra Cannon, Alyssa Matesic whom ever that did the Scrivener presentation on conference she was dope I never knew how to use it and it’s a dope program. Imma be raving about this Conference on into next year when the next conference starts up.🤓🤩🥰 I’m here for it.!!!

Working On WIPS : Today imma Journal and if I’m up for it I’ll start chapter one on The Makings of Mena in which she’s getting ready to take a train ride to the middle of Chicago. She’s not ready for but she’s ready for. In the middle of Chicago Summer heat. She was Thankful the snow wasn’t on the ground yet she had no warm garments she would have to get proper attire when the time comes this is where Mena is at homeless but not for long. And she meets a few colorful people that shows her the ropes and she meets her husband but she don’t know that yet and he knows he need to patiently wait till she’s of proper age for him to choose. Knowing he’ll have to bat off others off her doorstep. He looked after her like a guardian. Let me stop I need to be putting this in a different place.” And to think this is a fraction of the story. Not put together the correct way. Notes out loud.

PS It’s a little Age Gap between Mena and the love interest they both Teenagers he’s 3 years older she’s 14 he’s 17back in the day Mena would be married off with atleast a child or two starting her family and 17 was a old man back in those times drinking smoking everything else . At seventeen even now your old enough for war and he definitely got drafted and guess what Mena enlisted at 15 and followed him into the Vietnam War Remember this is my fiction let’s Roll with it Family🤓🤩🥰💛🤯😳😁📗

Welp dearest loves I hope we all are here Tomorrow Do what makes you happy I’ll be here tomorrow GOD willing Love Yall. TTYL ☯️🥰🤩🤓💜

Weather/Space At Ninths: is this Comet gonna Take Us out as a civilization? They saying it’s hitting Earth. Local news haven’t said a word. Should I be scared or what. Sometimes the lack there of be to control the masses. So we don’t go Animalisitic before the thing hits. Imma keep Praying it’s not too bad. Bless it☯️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽☯️ they saying it passed on the 14th I don’t know what’s going on Y’all pray and keep y’all loved ones closer than usual tonight.🥰😳💫✨🤯😱

I read somewhere that the Comet has passed Earth and gonna hit the sun in December it took some months to reach us who knows how far the sun is away and I pray the sun burn this comet up and keep shining bright as the sun Supposed to do and nothing changes.🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽😭🥹

💜🔮Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🔮💜

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