July 17,2022 💚✅📗Camp Nanowrimo Chronicles📗✅💚

Greetings. 🥰🤩🤓 We in the middle of Camp Nanowrimo How is everyone and everything? I’ve been Sick and then I’m not gonna lie, off Craft a while but I’ve been watching Conference so that gotta count for something .

Today is the last day for http://authortubewritingconference.comBUT you can watch the Playlists on replay. All of the Presentations are super Dope Super informative.🤓🤩🥰

I want y’all to recharge. Sarra Cannon has a Exercise to recharge your Life. Watch her latest presentation on Conference. Journal and keep track of your writing, your day, your emotions. 🤓🤩🥰☯️

Welp Dearest Family unlock That special energy to Dive into a WIP that goes for me too. I need some of that Energy as well to put in my fuel tank and pump me up💪. Bless yall🙏🏽🙏🏽Enjoy your Sunday TTYL 🤓🥰🤩

📗Ninth/Ennea Ennea 📗

P.S. Conference was so dope I found out if I start looking for a agent and I’m not getting any play from Agents in the US I can look yonder. ( Canada, EU) Dope might be a preference to go yonder and not have to wait till I’m down to the nubbs. I have a lot of my followers yonder way. I need to figure out if my followers are more abroad or more home base. But I’m guessing all of that won’t matter. I Don’t Know. *Food For Thought* Alyssa Matesic is Doper than a Scope check her out On YouTube

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