July 15,2022 🥵❤️‍🔥The Ninth Poetess Chronicles❤️‍🔥🥵

Greetings Family everyone is HeartBeats Family just Join/Follow/Subscribe. It’s Hotter than a frying pan 🍳 Jack!!!🥵 Thought I saw the Devil outside playing Pickleball with a hot coal. 😵‍💫😭😆😂 great time to stay inside and stay cool today work on a WIP if you up for it.

Today is AuthorTube Writing Conference on YouTube. And Sarra Cannon Confusing me I’mma watch her Coffee Chat then dive on over to the AuthorTube . Sarra Cannon over there working today boy I think she had a class over on the Conference today too. Don’t quote me I don’t Know for sure but I know she will just don’t know when. And you know imma be on it . Like this😳🤯😆😁 Check Her Out🥰🤩🤓

Welp let me hop on over to Sarra Channel y’all get into something Dope today WIP or otherwise. TTYL 🥰🤩🤓☯️💜

☯️Ninth/Ennea Ennea ☯️

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