July 10,2022 💛🌼The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🌼💛

Hey y’all how you doing this beautiful Sunday☀️😎🙏🏽 First I wanna say I’m taking today off. Kind of I’ve been doing emails with dear friends and followers of NOW Group and I’m geeked and humbled🤓🤩🥰😵‍💫🤪🤓😂 I need to go somewhere and cool my jets. I just feel like today I’ve entered the Elite Group of influencers ( The Higher Ups) I’m geeked. I’m super humbled. I want all of you to check this website out http://authortubewritingconference.com it’s gonna be a blast it starts next Friday make sure you have your beverage of choice pen pad to take notes print out the Schedule for the Three days get prepped out for it.🤓🤩

Guys and Gals if you are traditionally published and have a Agent and you write poetry http://poems.com may be for you. I’ve had a dear friend and fellow member of NOW Group tell me about this page. I think it’s a page for Traditionally Published poets with agents to showcase there work. Check it out. These days Marketing is Astronomically Higher than all outdoors getting your work on any site like this is ideal. Check it out. Also I showcase Authors and while I’m not officially posting on my blog pages I really have time To Showcase up and coming or seasoned authors novels. Must have a author page where they can view and purchase your Novels/chapbooks/ items Writers May Need or use Swag, Coffee, mugs etc. contact me via my contacts page or nowgroup99@ mail.com and I’ll showcase free of charge.

Welp dearest lovely’s imma get back on my AuthorTube time is flying today like a jet plane yall relax and get comfy. stay cool today. TTYL🥰🤩🤓☀️🕶

🆓Ninth/Ennea Ennea🆓

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