July 9,2022 🧡📙Camp Nanowrimo Chronicles#9📙🧡

Hello my dear familyAnd friends of the NOW Group.🥰🤩🤓 I almost scared to say I worked on Mena. It Seems like every time I say how many words or that I typed something I gotta change passwords like someone trying to hack. That ain’t cool. And I’m tired of it that’s why I haven’t gave word counts lately. I don’t deal with people like that. This post might make things worst I’m praying not it’s nerve wrecking. But I did two 25 minute sprints and one 15 minute sprint. It was dope and now I’m ready for the first chapter. The Preface is ten pages but I still feel it’s room to grow. I’m just in a rush to get to the first chapter. I’m calling it( Chi-Town : Can’t Call It) first person she meets is her future husband (A jitney driver) but she don’t know that yet. But he does. It’s gonna get interesting. From what I have already Camp Nanowrimo is rocking 🤩 considering I’ve taken some days off.

What ever y’all do in camp is fair game if you want to take breaks in the week do what you need to and comeback when it’s right for you. Just ask yourself everyday mentally if it’s a good/bad day to put it on hold until your in good spirits again. That’s only fair. And it’s okay don’t beat yourself up and don’t compare yourself to others you be on your own level.

Welp I’ve done a lot washed dishes washed my curly locs ate lunch/dinner. Did 3 sprints. Did trash duty sat chatted with my beautiful Auntie. It’s time to chill out. I’ve enjoyed this Saturday 🤩🥰🤓 hopefully this weekend continues to be enchanting in the Golden Writers Hour World Building is my favorite thing to do. If I’m up to it I’ll work on Mena Early morning We will See.

🦋Stay Motivated Be Inspired Be Creative🦋

📙Ninth/Ennea Ennea 📙

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