July 8,2022 🎥 🤓The Inside Scoop🤓🎥

So I’m watching my favorite person on YouTube (Sarra Cannon) Friday Chat and she dropped some jewels. YouTube is having a FREE AuthorTube Writers Conference next weekend https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVrC50nqY3OIfixup7co3Q9t4uLqCotMH Get ready for this y’all everything will be available you can go back and watch if you don’t watch live. If you watch live there’s giveaways I heard how fun is that?🤩🥰🤓🦋 just dropping in if I hear anything else cause you know I got my ear to the streets I’ll let y’all know👂🌎🌍🌏TTYL oh somebody had to of prayed for me. My headache went away( Plus I drunk a homemade sugary espresso shot) prayer changes things 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🥰🤩🤓 I feel like I can lift a couch by myself but my headache is gone. I’ll take that energy and organic strength to sit up and write/Story build tonight. I’ll tell you what what I concocted with just instant coffee and sugar and water if I sold that it would be illegal I feel too good. I guess I know now I can drink a shot every now and again to get a boost. Restaurants ain’t doing shots justice. I’mma just say this if you make it homemade it’s gonna be strong and it may stain your teeth so brush them right after you chug it down and I drink mines cold if that makes any difference. It’s giving me life essence LOL 😂

Welp lovely’s imma start my day I’m working 3rd shift today Mena better get ready Imma put her through some changes.

TTYL 🤓🥰🤩

🦋Always Be Inspired🦋

💠Ninth/Ennea Ennea 💠

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