July 7,2022 🔅The Ninth Poetess Chronicle’s 🔅

Morning everyone 🥰🤩🤓 imma tell y’all right now I don’t Feel well. Bless It🙏🏽 I feel nauseas and lethargic hopefully this feeling goes away so I can work on Craft. I’m not gonna be long today. I hope y’all cranking out some dope content. Or maybe even meeting like minded people in the craft of writing. Bless y’all. Get out and greet people before Monkey Pox and Coronas take over again.🥹😱😬😭🤢🥴🤒😷🤕😵‍💫😵🤮 make you some business cards for your brand or new group you plan on founding. Come up with group rules. Are you gonna charge a annual fee or monthly fee for your group? A group needs bylaws to protect you and the rest of your members. Like if it a critiquing group everyone must say whether or not their content is triggering cuss words or triggering events Abuse Sex or Murder Gore. So people can decide whether to step out during the time of their reading or stay and participate . This is one of the bylaws I had in NOWGroup. But it’s so much more you can add, wear Mask. To be critiqued you must critique someone else Etc. You come up with your rules. You can say if you bring snacks for you bring enough for everybody else too. Make your bylaw’s beneficial for everybody. You can have holiday parties play Secret Santa have mini book fairs/Conferences start a whole Organization get some of your seasoned Authors that Joined to Help you out🤩🥰🤓🧡

Welp dearest Family Friends I hope your ready for Craft today. I need to get ready myself and fight through my discomforts.😭😵‍💫🥹🥴 it’s my allergies I took 4 generic allergy pills around 3am. Probably got me nauseas. I’m fighting the Sandman off he just might win And I’ll be back sleep. It’s early yet.😵‍💫bless y’all’s pen( mind) today hit that WIP a different way today. Look at It Different. Entertain yourself by writing and reading it back. Keep It Doper than a Scope. Imma TTYL Family Everyone’s Family just Join/Follow.🥰🤩🤓🦋

🔅🦋Ninth/Ennea Ennea 🦋🔅

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