July 1,2022 🧡⛺️Camp Nano News⛺️🧡

Goodmorning Friends and HeartBeats It’s finally here!!! Happy Camp Nanowrimo Today Imma work on The Makings of Mena. I wrote 2 pages yesterday, but that was only an hour. I never did get back to the craft after I took that long break Everyone just do what you can its not a race.

Do what you can today. Its not a race and no one is judging you and Im here to tell you dont be hard on yourself. Imma journal this morning and that apart ofmy craft today. And thats Okay. What imma do is write longhand at least 2-4 pages a day. thats a realistic Goal.

To be honest that not much content But it’s something and its not enough to burn me out which is a good thing Start Today off with writing some compelling scenes you want in your Novel you have in mindAnd let those scenes drive you and keep you excited and intrigued in the story

Welp let me get up and get my coffee and wait till the Lights get cut on. I want yall to have a blessed day today. Work on yalls WIPS. Keep track of your progress. Remember thats rewarding as much as the content created. TTYL 🥰🤓🤩


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