June 28,2022 ⛺️📙Prep Camp Nanowrimo 📙⛺️

Mornings Friends and HeartBeats 💗 Have any of y’all heard of http://critiquecircle.com I was doing my investigates on the Mighty Web looking for Clubs I personally can join and I stumbled onto this gem. You can join for free I think they go by points from you making critiques then you can get your WIPS critiqued. don’t be Quoting me I haven’t joined yet to be sure just yet but I will. Also I joined a new club I’m waiting on someone to connect with me (The Welcome Committee) hopefully sometime this week. I’ll let y’all know all about it once it’s finalized. In which I have qualms on the waiting process I guess having patience isn’t my best quality I just Pray everything works out. 🙏🏽No funny business. 🙏🏽

Today is a grand day to do sprints and block out the Social Media/TV/Emails for a little while it will be there when your done Sprinting make it a Apple or Carrot or Danish if you like those😋May your Sprints Golden Writers Hour drive you to the sweet treat you have or the lunch you have on the menu. The morning is a grand time for Craft.

Menu At Ninth: a Aldis Pizza Thin crust my Aunt even said it was tasty 😋 This morning I have my coffee keeping me Alert.

Safety At Ninths: This AM before the Arch Angels turned the Lights on; they woke up the masses They decided to blow up m 80s or what ever they call the big ones now🧨🧨🧨🧨 Pissed my aunt off. She’s ex military. Times like that I try to make her comfortable. which makes me feel helpless and it gives me Anxiety I don’t need. When the 4th gets here I don’t know what Imma do .They not even legal in city limits yet. It’s not stopping people.🧐🥹🥹

What are you working on today? Are y’all ready for Camp Nanowrimo? I’m working on The Makings of Mena today. I’m prepared as much as imma get for now. How about you? Go to my Contacts Us and let me know how your Prepping is going I love to conversate with y’all For a little while. After my sprints though or I’ll be doing the social media thing all day nothing will get done AGAIN. I’ve Been Slacking and Lacking.🥹😩😵‍💫😭 imma snap out of it today. Bless It. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Welp let me check on my beautiful Auntie maybe grab her a sweet treat. Y’all get comfortable in your WIPS. Bless Y’all TTYL🤓🤩🥰🙏🏽


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