June 25,2022🧡⛺️Prep Camp Nanowrimo ⛺️🧡

Mornings everyone🥰🤩🤓 today is the day to jump in gear less than 5 days till Camp Nanowrimo July I’m working on 10 scenes today once the Arch Angels cut on the lights. I’ve been up since yesterday afternoon and I have Anxiety a little. It’s been quiet and I’ve been basking in the essence. I’m very thankful. Right now I’m craving coffee but my eyes are heavy I should stop fighting sleep and just rest. I want to list some scenes I’m Adding to The Makings Of Mena before I fall into dreamland.

🚨Spoiler Alert🚨

My List of Scenes for The Makings of Mena:

1. (1945-1946)Mena father teaching her how to hunt and use a gun also taught her how to mend wounds

2. (1945-1946)Mena mother teaching her to cook and make hooch.

3. (1945-1946)Mena parents taught her how to be a Sharecropper so she could help them work the land to make more money to pay for the land they trying to own

4. 1952 Mena was 13 when she would do runs to the nearby bars and joot joints in Mississippi and her father let her by herself with “Billy who had the bullets”(Mena’s personal Pistol) she had to use it on someone one day and that day changed her life forever.

5. 1952 Mena took her money and everything she owned trekked with her parents in toe to the nearest Train station headed North She got off in Downtown Chicago. Didn’t know a soul until she opened up a newspaper Classified section.

6. 1952 She meets her future Husband that picks her up in a taxi cab. Lots of dialogue in between that eventually drives the story to Vietnam.

7. (1955-1960? Undecided)Mena enlisted in the war following her at the time her boyfriend they married over in Vietnam she enlisted as a nurse assistant but over in Vietnam when things got heavy she was a full blown nurse at the end of the day. And what she learned from her father had saved more lives than she could count. Everyone was at awe with her skill and talent.

8. 1970 Mena ends up Pregnant and had to be sent home leaving her husband behind whos company was literally itching to get on the frontlines. Malaria killed soldiers faster than a bullet ever did and that’s what killed her husband 7 mos into her pregnancy.

9. 1971 Mena never did end her duty they shipped her to the Hospital for Veterans in Omaha And she finally took time off to bury her husband. And during that time she meets her lifelong Friend Gina Castillo-Simms a Widow of a Soldier herself she was apart of the Support Team for soldiers families. And they were like peas and carrots

This is a start😩🤯😳🥹 could be believable I’m guessing. Wilamena a character anyways anywhere I put her in the Series you know something gonna jump off. And with Enaji her granddaughter it’s like your finding out with her for the first time everything brand new. And with Monster-Mena’s son and the Big Man-Gina’s son the Organization is just begun with their book, that’s book 2: The Dragon Gang: The Dealings of Monster and the Big Man I have a start kind of😵‍💫🤪🥹 I just need to come at it with a bat and knock it out the park.

Welp let me get up and get my coffee it’s about that time I may cook some firecrackered potatoes with cheese eggs and toast bangs that’s a Sunday meal it’s ok 🤷🏽

Welp TTYL Family all of y’all family I’m having a hard time this morning I’m missing my moma bears 🐻 🐻‍❄️ Moma and Mima May they Rest In Heaven my heart is heavy I’ve been doing some grieving Tough like for real lately and I need to snap out of the deep feeling of it so I can function in the junction feel me? Camp Nanowrimo gonna be next level productivity honestly. I’m trying not to jinx or put bad juju on it by getting too excited about it. I’m just really happy the holiday will be here soon.

Y’all get y’all scenes together just jot down your magic number of scenes if you can’t get to 10. Crank out that dope ish today🤓🤩🥰

Always Be Inspired🤩🤓🥰


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