June 22, 2022 💚♻️The Writers Journey ♻️💚

Good morning my HeartBeats and friends🥰🤩🤓. I have a question for ya’ll I wanna know if I’m not the only household that does this. Now y’all know I love my homemade coffee concoctions. My coffee comes in a stylish glass jar so my Aunt is up cycling the jars for her crafts so she has a set. And now I’m saving the jars for her daughter who does nails and pedicures for her business. Do you save glass jars for crafts or to drink out of. Y’all ain’t living if you never drank juice from a glass up cycled Jelly jar. That just comes with life.😝😋😂

Working On WIPS: now yesterday I’m not gonna count it out, truthfully I worked in Story Lattice but I was on the wrong device so I couldn’t copy and paste so I deleted it. But I’m still counting the effort. Story Lattice is super dope to help you outline your drafts for your manuscript (WIPS)

Now I’m Up Watching the World News. Granted this isn’t New but it’s a new version of a city on water in the Maldives it’s gonna be beautiful.🏖 what a dope backdrop to use in a WIP. What a wonderful ideas. My tagline would be for that new WIP would be Every Floating City Has A Ghetto And I’ll Swim To Get Out If I Learn How First. Don’t go swimming in floating City limits This Is Fiction And it’s a figure of speech no one is really swimming in my story it’s like taking it to the extremes so bad if I could I would swim skip run drive trek hike fly to get out of the Floating Ghetto. Mines would be environmentally inclined where it’s a reason why floating cities is robust so it would be Scifi Action Adventure maybe Cyborg/ Aliens lack of Oxygen water is toxic some areas could even be acidic. This got my wheels churning I have another WIP idea yall🥰🤓🤩🌊🏝🏖🛶🐋🏄🐟🦈

I hope your finding the Website to be delightful and inspiring. August will be here tomorrow just that fast 💨. Welp family keep rocking it out with me. Bless y’all TTYL 🥰🤩🤓


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