June 21,2022 🌟The Writers Journey 🌟

Hello it’s super early I just have a few things to say. New segment next month “Camp Chronicles”will be posted July 1st my days will start around 9 am I’ll break around 12 12:30 pm might do some extra sprints or reading after break or posting on the page. In which all is Craft to me.

How Do Ninth Feel?: I’ve been fighting depression sleeping it off. I pray I’m in better Spirits when Camp Starts. I have a lot riding on this. I’m trying to learn and train myself to write everyday. I’m still not giving up. It’s no excuses for me. When writing makes me happy it’s no excuse for me not to write. I can always work it into my days/ afternoon/nights. There’s no possible way to burn out. I have so much fuel (WIPS ). I know I’m breaking from posting Updates to Website Pages I’m overwhelmed and think I’m running out of content to share. Which is probably far from the truth I just need to brainstorm and search some content out while I’m on break. 🥰🤓

My aunt is a crochet guru she cranked out the Dopest Spider Man blanket you ever wanna see. And she can make anything you like if it has a patch to it. She’s also in the process of teaching herself how to Corner to Corner which is the dopest you can get. Those blankets are Amazing 🤩

No coffee today maybe later in the evening my Almond milk frozen. Dag nab it. Imma make meatloaf and mashed potatoes and broccoli. My secret ingredient is canned tomatoes chilies 🌶 Bomb .😋🥰🤩 recipe going in my cookbook It’s a WIP

Welp I hope y’all prepping going Well imma TTYL 🥰🤩🤓


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