June20,2022 📙🧡The Writers Journey🧡📙

Afternoon Everyone I don’t have much to say today so I won’t keep y’all long. I put a new set of prompts up on the website last night I changed a few things on the page I may or may not give you prompts every week It just depends. Hopefully by August things will be back to usual. This weeks prompts is on Super Heroes.

I’ve Prepped for Camp Nano July I’ve made my own charting on what imma do each day. Imma be on Social Media still mostly every day recording my work day. I plan on doing 9/ 15 minutes Sprints in one day every day I’m keeping the word count open because I want the freedom to do what I want we’ll see what the days gonna be like.

Well I just wanted to touch base with y’all I hope the Website is still carrying enough info/ content for y’all even if I don’t post for a while. Continue to like/ join = follow we will love to have you. Hopefully I’ll be back August. Bless y’all TTYL


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