June 18,2022 🌟 The Golden Writers Hour🌟

Im in the process of learning my best qualities in writing and the quarks so I can iron them out before camp nanowrimo. I watched so many Sarra Cannon heartbreathings.com Videos on YouTube To where I’m drooling for her next Publish and Thrive Course. She super dope.

I went 2-3 days without coffee and I swear its night and day. 😩Its super late and Im not gonna keep ya’ll up too much. I have to Adjust my Author Plan Then write out my strategy on how Imma tackle Camp Nanowrimo. Imma pants its. Thats just how my creative mind works.

I feel i wont go by the outline if I write one out. And I found where the rest of Enaji-O went It was longhanded in a Notebook. not typed. So I was happy about that when I realized it. Im still gonna stay on The Makings Of Mena.

But first I need to break down my days like Sarra Cannon down to the seconds I plan on writing. How many words I plan on getting down per day per week per month. Finding my pace “The Honey Pot” to get the most out of a productive day.🤩🥰

Welp Imma TTYL have a Beautiful day today. Watch your favorite influencers/ bloggers Be Inspired. Theres a Writers Holiday coming up. Camp Nanowrimo Prep and get ready ready ready.🤩🥰🤓

✍🏾Stay In the Mix✍🏾


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