June 16,2022 The Day With Ninth

Afternoon y’all 🥰🤓🤩🎥🎬🍿 I’m having a ball on my break. Now I’ve sat still long enough to view this movie called The Northman. It’s freaking Amazeballs 🤩❣️🎥🎬🍿🥰 I love that they snuck magic elements in there it’s truly doper than a scope. My aunt loves movies with Vikings and ancient elements in there she said she’ll check it out.

Menu At Ninths: Had vegan corndogs onion potato tater tots pineapple bottled water. I’m out of Almond milk . Did not have coffee today terrible. I need a boost and caffeine gives me everything i need.

Tonight imma chill out don’t know what’s on the agenda bless y’all just thought I would check in bless y’all 🙏🏽🥰🤩🤓

Crank out some dope WIPS🤩🤓🥰

💗🦋Always Be Inspired 🦋💗


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