June 14,2022 🔮The Ninth Poetess Chronicles🔮

We have 16 days Till Camp Nanowrimo and (I’m gonna Take off maybe the month of July and come back in August ) but I’ll be around post here and there but updates on the pages will be at a stand still. Look back through the archived pages the information still fresh and I may still post or maybe not. Please Understand I need to reboot. And in this time of reboot I’m gonna start 6 Month 4 Life over this is Sarra Cannons Program/Process sign up to her YouTube her Website Newsletter and download her public files they are all so helpful to my advancement. I’ve missed her HB 90 program I’m hoping to catch the next one .

I updated my 6 Months 4 Life contract and journaled today I count that as Craft. Tomorrow imma read this marketing book I keep putting to the side. I have a freebie I want to give more attention too. Just to get Ninth into every eyeball. And more followers and members to NOW Group. And when ready more people to read my finished books in the future which would be doper than a scope 🤩🤓🥰

Welp imma TTYL Love Yall I’ll be back. Don’t know when.

Always Be Inspired


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