June 13,2022 🧡🏖Evening Twitter News (What’s going on over on Twitter?)🏖🧡

Good evening Everyone Love yall🥰 Im taking a break this week. No Showcase Lounge Or Writing Prompts or Workshops This week. I am Stressed out, and Tapped Out I need this time to regroup and come back strong and who knows I may take 2 weeks off I dont know.

I have enough Content to takes months off though. i wouldnt take off that long. I just need a break. I will only post if I start missing yall and have something cool to say. I know ya’ll saying, Hell you better miss us everyday and come on here everyday

The Makings of Mena is coming along just fine. its a dope story. I’ll work on updating ya’ll with my progress. The real Number one reason Im taking a break is I want to focus and be stress free about my WIP.

Its a dope fast paced story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And its a Historical Novel. It continues to be upbeat. Hows your WIP treating you? I hope your getting some dope content down. TTYL


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