June 8,2022 🐪The Happenings on Hump Day🐪

Hello everybody I’ve been chatting it up with a member of NOW Group and I was telling him about who I Published my Freebie Through and we was talking about Coffee Table books somewhere I would love my poems to be I have no clue as to where to start to get in to one of those gigantic books. But I did mention to him how I got on at SmashWords I just want to say you can earn money at SmashWords I just chose for my book to be a Freebie because that’s what I wanted and they give that option and you can do as you want .

Here’s the link: http://smashwords.com it’s free to publish and the go wide you have to explore the site and see for yourself. It’s kind of like having that apple or carrot in front to motivate and inspire and fuel you to Finish that WIP one day.

It’s been Wild Kingdom my Aunt said this morning a Cat will scream out and sound like child like 4 am I thought a toddler or baby was outside scared me. I know mountain lions belt out like that I pray that’s not what it is. We would get Deer raccoons opossum. Coyote. Wolves. Owls Song Birds Etc…Wild Kingdom. And with those screams could be Mountain Lion. Might have to ask animal control .

Welp let me start my day I plan on starting 2 new WIPS maybe 1 Historical 1940s- 70s, 80s (The Makings of Mena) which is about Enaji’s Granny Wilamena The other is in the 90’s clothes got real timeless in the 90’s they have brought so much back like watching a re run. They bringing Kross Kolors back I think I seen someone with something on the other day it’s gonna be about a Seamtress. Yes I’m joining y’all on a Wednesday Weekly Writing Prompts .

Oh and for a novel to be historical it must be a minimum of 50years back that’s starting At early 70 s going backwards.

I’m TTYL y’all possibly early early morning imma WIP it but first lunch breakfast food possibly a bowl of cereal my appetite been slim. Imma let y’all get started with your afternoon

Always Be Inspired


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