June 5,2022 🦋🏳️‍🌈Merry Sunday Everybody 🏳️‍🌈🦋

Happy Sunday🥰 woke up and watched 2of my favorite travelers they made me happy.😁🥰🤩🤓 I got inspired last night and now this morning for Mondays Showcase Lounge I posted yesterday early exclusive content I also posted on Twitter so I don’t know how exclusive that really is I guess it’s exclusive in a way no one else is posting my ideas as me. I have some ideas cooking and it’s a blast from the past if y’all been rocking with me y’all know. I could make it a whole new segment but imma showcase these ideas on Mondays Showcase Lounge. I think it will be interesting and actually I’ve started already with showcasing Powells Bookstore I have a cool YouTube clip of Black Owned bookstores in the country which I find inspirational and motivating and I’ll also Showcase a Author that wrote a memoir of her life and I personally feels she’s the Queen of Memoirs Yes the whole Category the whole Genre and Yes she deserves all the praises She’s that Brave. She’s that Dynamic I’m talking about Cupcake Brown. You can look her up but tomorrow I’ll have something up for her. She’s one of my favorites🥰.

Weather At Ninths: It’s supposed to rain and I wish it would hurry up and do it already. Rain is how I feel most days. It would make me happy.😔 well at peace ☮️.

Menu At Ninths: for breakfast I had Firecracker Potatoes and Eggs later I had a pastry. Tonight I may have ALDI Egg Rolls. They pretty good but the ones from Dollar tree will have you waiting outside the store when they open up😁🤪😋😂

Working On WIPS: I feel like starting a brand new WIP. The Makings Of Mena I have to start there then meet up in the Middle where Enaji-O is. Truth be told I’m all over the spectrum. Maybe starting with the First Book to it all won’t give me Anxiety . Even though I fight anxiety daily🙄

Welp let me get some lunch then start on this WIP I’m So Excited this will be a Historical Category Story I’mma TTYL Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Cool Stay Dope& Keep Writing.


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