June 3,2022 💚🏳️‍🌈Weekend Writers Workshop🏳️‍🌈💚

Power Up Professions: Scientist 

(Those who are inclined to know more than us regular folk)

Poetry: Write a series of poems as if your the scientist and you the one that know more. What are we supposed to do with your information as a civilization?

Fiction: Write a Novel where our civilizations last hope was on your Protagonist shoulders “The Scientist” This could be scientist of anything. Scientist of Politics, War, Biological, Internal Medicine, Zoologist, a Economist, Astrologist,Etc….. All the people that know the most on the subject. The ones who advise the Higher Ups on what goes on have your Protagonist take that role and let your imagination run free. Don’t hold back. Take off on your WIP or WIPS.Make a series of the different specialist. That would be doper than a scope.

Screen Play: Have your lead Character be the Mad Scientist or Fight off the Mad Scientist. Pick Which ever side that suits your fancy. You can make it any genre you want even Comedy or Romance the ideas are endless.

Non-fiction: Have you ever been to the doctor and you feel like your apart of a experiment only your doctor know about and wants you to submit to the conditions But it got you feeling like you a Gremlin (I love Gremlins by the way) Write about your experience and let people know what ailment it was they was treating you for. You dont have to say what medication it was to protect you. Say sugar pill or Thyroid pill or Pain pill. Say it where you can still say it. 

I want yall to have Fun This is My Fun Friday. That’s catchy. Might be new segment I dont know. Dont let nothing stop what you hold dear. Encourage those around you in a positive manner. Spread love. And surround yourself with like minded people that can resonate with you. Build you a team of supports. We all need them. Im open to encourage people always. Stay In The Mixxx…..


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