May 31, 2022 💜📚The Writers Journey📚💜

Top of the morning 💗 Kings👑&💗Queens👑 I apologize for the older post but I think I’m on to something🧐🤔 hmmm. I might not do that it will be confusing right now everything is in order outside of this accidental post . I don’t even know what happened it deleted and I republished it but it’s not in the correct spot oh well. It just one post. I can’t imagine doing that to multiple post it would be a ish show on my page I can’t have that🙄.

Today is National Smile Day and National Talk In Complete Sentences. I rather participate in Talk in completes Sentences today than smile I’m just not a happy camper these days. I do try an save face though grieving will make you question your individual happiness like would it matter if your loved one is alive would you be happier or still depressed I’ve dealt with depression most my life and I do think losing my elders made my conditions (Anxiety too) worse. Bless It. Memorial Day is Every single day for me. I think of my ancestors often( Daily).

Handyman at Ninths: if I had the skills I would fix the daggone contraption myself. But I guess I’ll be a fantastic Niece and keep getting the water up and washing towels and drying towels hopefully someone comes out today to fix it bless it’s Today not tomorrow, but today.

Working On WIPS: WOWZERS I’m still on Paris Profile.May Writing Madness is just about over and the only thing that’s Mad is me.🙄🤔😔 I’ve done a lot more than I thought I could and it’s always room for improvements. June Just Write Already is next month. This is my holiday I made up for us writers/authors. I hope you join me on the journey next month. Give it another try with your WIPS keep it going. Make it Doper than a Scope.🤩🥰🤓⭐️

Welp I guess I’ll hop on over to these profiles maybe read a little later(Mark from Marks List on SmashWords – SmashWords Book on Marketing Guide) I can’t think of the name of it right now hopefully I’m close. Imma TTYL Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ✍🏾

🦋🖤Capture the day, Bask in it, And Rub it in like Lotion 🦋🖤


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