May 27,2022 💛📒Weekend Writers Workshop📒💛

Poetry:Power Up Professions/Politicking At Ninths

Police &Security Roles& Armed Forces& Politicians, Machine Guns

Write what comes to mind when you think of Police, Security Roles & The Armed Forces(Government& Politicians). Give the Good Bad and the Indifferent. As us writers say, ” Vomit” your thoughts and beliefs in Poem form. Do alot of word play. Dedicate it to the Holiday (Memorial Day) and Your Ancestors.

This is a hard Exercise to do in these trying times and all the Exercises is meant for fun and enjoyment. Maybe treat this exercise as therapy somehow if it could really help. I pray that it’s the balm to mend hearts and souls on both sides of the fences. We all need a common ground and if the children isnt reason enough to be on the same wave length and playing field for care and saftey I dont know what to say. Republicans & Democrats need to stop acting like there in a brutal divorce(Its been like this since their states been states) and work together to make it make sense all the way down to the city/state/ county Goverments everybody need the same memo and follow through. And stop allowing people to kill us. Mass Murderers, People that are out of their minds Young-Old and the Police for no reason. Got me scared to leave the house I’m Anxiety filled and as y’all know it don’t take much. This is my Rant and I should put it in a poem. Maybe I will.

#Be Safe With Love and Kindness will Follow

Fiction: The Government’s Secret/ Politicking At Ninths

As if these days wasnt real, try writing fictional story that may be something out of a Dooms Day Thriller where the Goverment Collapse Hence… Their fighting for position wanting a collapse. Like something out of a Scifi Futuristic Thriller Adventure. And possibly allegedly be based on true events. What will your Protagonist do to survive. Let your imagination run dont try to catch it. Get as creative as you like.

Always Have Fun

Screenwriting & Non-Fiction is Under Construction this Week Next Week will be Dope Stay in the Mixx… 


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