May 27,2022 🧡📙The Writers Journey 📙🧡

Top of the morning🥰 I got the Workshop up it’s serious this week only because of what happened in the world and I’m grieving anyways I’m highly sensitive and I had to get what I felt on my heart out and I could go on more but I’m not. The way I see politics is not for everybody I try not to vent but I had too well I didn’t have too it just came out I vomited please excuse me.Bless it. Exercises are and may be triggers to emotions you’ve felt for two three weeks so keep that in mind next week will be a lighter vibe I promise I made sure I clustered all my triggers profession (Police,Politicians,Gun control Mental Health) this week no more political talk etc… next week even if it continue I can only handle so much I will have light hearted content next week for sure.🥰🤩 hey to change subject anyone got your I think it’s the third booster shot for Covid yet? I’m probably late getting mines. But I Got it. Get your shots everyone be safe and now monkey Pox if they say I need a small pox shot I’m getting it I’ve had chicken pox when I was little but that was long ago don’t know if I would still be covered. It’s scary these days truthfully, to be honest I don’t want to leave the house. I have horrible Anxiety anyways and I feel it’s worse.

Welp I’m gonna start my day bless y’all have a beautiful blessed day crank out some dope WIPS Don’t let the Unwanteds in. Don’t let them win. Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing 🤩🥰🤓


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