May 26,2022 ⭐️📒The Ninth Poetess Chronicles📒⭐️

Greetings 👑Kings& 👑Queens I have something to share. You gotta go check it out and be inspired. One of my favorite places on the planet to be is bookstores and the biggest bookstore in America is in Portland Oregon it’s Powells City of Books I have a YouTube link too imma share right here: It’s 68,000 sqft of dynamic books. Take a trip and give your eyeballs a vacation. Thank me later have a ball.🏀 ⚽️ Or a book📙📓. And Stay in the Mixx….

Working On WIPS : I haven’t worked on Craft yet but I will even if it’s late tonight Imma stay in the mix ….

Menu At Ninths : leftover couscous and tomato okra stew.

Weather /Safety At Ninths: cold and rainy, it’s been safe and quiet thank the heavens

Welp imma take a nap starting my day the dreary overcast is making me sleepy I have a few hours to spare bless it.

🌼Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing 🌼


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