May 25,2021 🤎🦉The Writers Journey 🦉🤎

Greetings Family 👑 and Friends👑 This morning is Grandiose. Woke up to who hooing the Majestic Owl is back. I think he be looking for the Rabbit burrow in my backyard and the multitude of birds and animals come around the house like it’s a grocery store like Sam Club birds digging in the yard for worms and the other day realized we had cicada colony the birds digging so much made the ground spongy or it could be something else doing that I don’t know but like I said it’s wild kingdom Owl made so much noise this morning I’m sure he woke up the masses up and down the block front and back🙄🦉🤎 but I rather have a owl outdoors rather than a Unwanteds

Working On WIPS: I finished Lecia Profile I’m on Paris AKA Pain profile now . He’s a traitor that owes the Big Man six figures he doesn’t have it from gambling his money and remainder of his pack away in a crap game trying to win a half a million dollars. He lost money and still owe money to a Murder Mayhem Crew member. They suggested jumping ship and go work for the M&M Crew To recoup one catch he can’t gamble or smoke the new supply. After Paris-Pain is Knez-Knox I’m still debating whether Knez followed Paris to M&M Crew or stayed under The Big Man’s Dragon Gang still world building and the Reedsy Character Profile templates are helping me with that.

Menu At Ninths: couscous and tomato okra stew from the can cook separately then mix it together it’s bomb literally vegan meal you won’t miss the meat. What I am missing is zucchini chunks sautéed and more tomato chunks possibly some roasted Garlic next time I’ll doctor it up really good. Today no coffee you know I’m having a conniption🤯🙄 I must have it

Weather At Ninths : I’m cold it wet outdoors perfect writing weather Get into a WIP and Stay in the Mixx…🤩🥰🤓📙

✍🏾TTYL Stay Safe Stay Alive Stay Warm Stay Dope & Keep Writing ✍🏾


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